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 Individually Personalized 

Spiritual Retreats 

 Welcome to Our Spiritual Retreat Page!

The Individually Personalized Spiritual Retreat it's designed for people who are committed to transforming their lives and live their true life's purpose. The retreat serves as a massive jump start into your Divine Path and overall healing.

No retreat experience its' the same. Each individual will receive guidance and healing in accordance to Spirit(s) channeled message (s) and personal needs.

You will be guided and assisted every step of the way. You will also learn many new things about yourself, your current Earthly experience(s) and how to connect to the Divine, your Higher-Self, Guardian Angels.

And Much More...

Please find below instructions to our retreat as well as a list of scheduled service(s) and item(s) provided.


You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older to participate in a Spiritual Retreat.

If you suffer from any type of medical condition that can interfere with the service(s) provided, the retreat (in general) or your medical situation(s) please advise us immediately so we can make proper accommodations for you. 

Requirements: Have an open heart and open mind!

Payments and Cancellation Policy

A valid debit/credit card is necessary to guarantee your session at the time your appointment is scheduled. Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover are acceptable forms of payment. We use Venmo, Cash App and Zelle for electronic payments. 

If needed, your appointment time and date can be rescheduled up to two weeks prior to your appointment time. Missed appointments are subject to full payment of session and are non-refundable. All services, sessions, classes, group sessions and retreats are non-refundable.


Please be advised that by submitting an

 authorized electronic payment you are

 automatically agreeing with terms, conditions 

and instructions listed above. 

Bookings & Instructions

Please Email Us at and submit your Full Name and Phone Number in order to be contacted with payment options, date and time of your appointment and our address for in-person sessions/ services.

Due to our quick bookings and limited scheduling availability we require that you PAY IN ADVANCE so that your time and date can be secured. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

~Hidden Secret Healing Team~


 (8 AM - 4 PM)

Breakfast (8am - 9am)


Mediumistic Reading

CrystaRei Energy Healing

Aura Clearing, Restoration & Balancing

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Lunch (12 PM - 1PM)

Past Lives, Between Lives & Akashic Records Reading

Life Purpose & Karmic Lessons Reading

Karmic Releasement & Clearing (Past & Current Life)

Spirit Message / Final Words & Prayer

Items Included:

Chakra Crystal Set (s)

Sage (9" Stick) and/or Palo Santo

Large Velvet Crystal Bag

Name, description and explanation of various usage(s) for each crystal/set(s)

Instructions on how to care, clear & charge your crystals


$ 699

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