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About the Medium

Andreia, A.C.H. is a natural-born Medium, Channeler and Intuitive Healer. Through the years she has channeled spirits of deceased loved ones, Angels, Archangels, including that of Ascended Masters and Teachers of Higher Realms. She’s not only a Healer and Teacher, but also an Empath and Medical Intuitive. Meaning, she can feel other peoples’ pains and emotions as well as those of spirits.

     For many years she has channeled information from past lives and spirit guides of those who seek her services. Andreia is a genuine, honest and straightforward lightworker, yet very caring, loving and compassionate. Because she is very sensitive to the emotions and sufferings of others she can easily connect to her clients and those who have passed on to the spiritual realm.

      After a near death experience at the age of seven (7) caused by a severe appendicitis infection Andreia experienced the first of many out-of-the-body experiences, which has helped her travel between spiritual planes and learn the most valuable of soul lessons and messages both for herself and her clients. Many spirits have communicated to her that the most important life and soul lessons to learn for the betterment of society and evolution of humanity is that of "...forgiveness and love. Especially, that of love, for in the end it is all that matters...".

     Through the years Andreia has provided clients with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, including lifelong strategies to improve their lives on a daily basis. You will find peace of mind and clarity after the first consultation. She loves and accepts people from all walks of life, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and belief systems. Her focus is to help people awaken the divine flame inside of them as well as their highest potential, including that of self healing.


       Andreia, A.C.H. has educational and professional experience in the field(s) of Criminal Justice, Sociology, Advocacy, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, HypnoCounseling, Energy Healing, Holistic Life Coaching, Inspirational Motivator and Mentor. She has over 22 years experience in a wide variety of spiritual and energy healing modalities as well as teaching self development techniques.

      As an active light worker and passionate for serving those around her, she freely donates her time and gifts to those mostly in need within her community and surrounding areas through volunteer work. She currently volunteers at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospices, spiritual institutions and centers.

Andreia is also a proud member of the following organizations: The International Association of Reiki Professionals, The National Guild of Hypnotists and the Healing Touch Professional Association.

"For people have a little bit of everything that exists in the universe inside of them and what they wish for it is already created in the place of their highest self. Just awaken your spirit to believe it and see it, by allowing yourself to receive it.” 

~Andreia Domingues~

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